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In love with all things beautiful, Georgia Austin is currently painting two separate collections. Firstly, a collection of luxury masculine watches using a dark colour palette to enhances the shine of the metallic paint. In contrast she's currently producing a  collection of vibrant paintings of the female form. Still in her formative years, Georgia is constantly experimenting with techniques and materials.

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"Art should be accessible and affordable to all."

This is why Austin Art will release a limited edition print for only £25 on the last Friday of every month!

There will only be 50 prints available. This way, you can enjoy the exclusivity of limited-edition artwork without spending a fortune.

Check out the latest Final Friday Club release here. 

New releases:

Check out the latest pieces of work by Georgia Austin, or shop here for the complete collection.

Contact us:

If you would like to enquire about any piece of artwork or discuss a commission, please send an email to

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