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Anyone who knows Georgia will say she has always been creative; loving art from a young age and always making or designing something. 

Having left Northampton College in 2020 after spending two years studying Art and Design, Georgia was unsure on where she wanted her career to go. After the pandemic, she trained as a dog groomer and eventually opened her own salon. However, the desire to get back into art became too strong and so she began doing art full-time. 

Towards the end of 2023, Georgia began creating art with intentions and meaning. Having done predominantly pencil and charcoal drawings, it was time to explore using colour. Relying on the skills she developed at Northampton College, Georgia began painting watches in a relaxed form and exploring colour and texture. The goal of these pieces was to showcase the luxury in watches. 

While painting a Rolex Submariner, Georgia felt she needed to practice relaxing and freeing up her movements in her brush strokes. She turned to an old broken canvas she had that needed repainting and gave herself a challenge. Two hours to paint a female form from a reference picture and from that the 'VIVID' Collection was born. 

You can check out the latest work and pieces by Georgia Austin on the Gallery page or by checking out her Instagram page: @georgiaaustinart

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